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About the Society Romer Prize Guidelines Based on the Romer Prize Charter, applicants should note that:
  • Abstracts must be well written and meet the minimum quality standards set for all abstracts submitted for presentation at the SVP Annual Meeting.
  • Abstracts must meet all formatting requirements as set in the Abstract Guidelines by the SVP Program Committee without exception. The Abstracts Guidelines are available through the SVP Annual Meeting home page. Understanding these guidelines is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Abstracts should clearly state the question(s) or problem(s) addressed, the importance or significance of the research, the methods used with sufficient explanation, and the basic results and implications or conclusions.

The Romer Prize Committee will judge the oral presentations during the Romer Prize Session at the Annual Meeting and will award the Romer Prize based on the quality of the research, satisfaction of the general criteria for the Romer Prize as outlined in the charter of the Romer Prize, and the overall quality of the presentation itself. Presentations should provide sufficient information on background and methods for the Committee members and the audience to evaluate the relevance or importance of the questions examined and the basis and suitability of the methods and data used to address the questions. Presentations that are complete, comprehensive and utilize the time format properly (i.e. 12 minutes for presentation and three minutes for questions or discussion) will fare better than those that try to review too many projects at the expense of comprehensiveness and clarity and/or do not leave time for questions or discussion or go over time. Students participating should note the emphasis placed by the Committee on the time format for the oral presentations.