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Have you found a vertebrate fossil?

It may be scientifically important, and extremely delicate. It’s crucial to the science of paleontology that fossils are excavated, prepared and stored according best practices that have been painstakingly developed over many decades. Fossils that are damaged, destroyed or poached for private collections are lost opportunities to better understand our world and its history.

If you think you’ve found a vertebrate fossil, contact one of the paleontologists below before you attempt to excavate or prepare it yourself. And make sure to read our Fossil FAQ.

  • Email Dr. Barabra Shaw at barbara.shaw [at] colostate [dot] edu
  • Email Dr. Jeb Bevers at jeb.bevers [at] yc [dot] edu
  • Email Dr. Tom Holtz at tholtz [at] umd [dot] edu

Read the Fossil FAQ >

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